LST: Bridging the biological and social sciences [Jim Miller, ISSS 1998 Plenary Session, July 20/98]

[Plenary Session, July 20/98, 10:40 a.m.]

Sessions on "Systems Science: Bridging Specialties for Sustainable Technology"

Jim Miller: Living Systems Theory Problem in the way universities are being organized. First starting thinking this way in the 1970s. Most recently, have been working on the "university of the world". Would recommend to the ISSS to study the possibilities of doing education worldwide. Miller is founder and chairman of the board of University of the World. Currently, there is Iridium: 66 satellites conveying signals to all places in the world. Colleague from UW sent article: "a virtual university is a virtual impossibility".


In the world university, will offering the same courses throughout the world result in a monoculture, with an impoverishment of diversity. Are academics being naive in thinking about how companies will use knowledge? Habermas: system of ideas will colonize the educational lifeworlds brought up over generations. World university doesn't mean United States teaching the world, because all countries have good teachers.

This one media isn't meant to exclude other forms of teaching, and should only be considered supplementary.

Corporations are going global, but are educators?

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