The intellectual technology of guiding societal evolution [Enrique Herrscher, ISSS 1998 Plenary Session, July 20/98]

[Plenary Session, July 20/98, 11:30 a.m.] Bridges ...
  1. from soft to hard;
  2. from theory to practice; and
  3. from ISSS to the world.
Won't build bridges, they're already there.  
Hard Soft
building thinking
artifacts concepts
unilateral contradictory
measurable ambiguous


Now can (measure, simulate, evaluate) soft systems, as well as hard systems Rigourous treatments? Not always found by outside people (not systemists). First bridge: How do people use theory? (He's a practitioner). Third bridge: ISSS and the world. The world has complex processes, which provides a context. Some things occurring in the corporate world. Will Rogers, quoted by Michael Hill.


Disagreement with partitioning speakers at a conference like this: mixtures of theoreticians and practitioners. Research driven by money? German beer purity law being reduced due to European community. Philip Gonzalez: Can't deny the force of gravity, but be careful not to fall.

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