Sustaining conversation in human system [Arne Collen, ISSS 1998 Paper Session, June 20/98]

[Paper session, July 20/98, 4:10 p.m.]

Arne Collen, Saybrook Institute

Interest in research methods, and how people form inquiry, in collective forms.

Example is Soft Systems Model, Viable Systems Model, Systems Dynamic, ... There are several components, but the focus right now is on conversation. [From last year's paper] Denotations of conversation (from the Oxford English Dictionary, over time) Connotations of conversation (to refine an understanding, from Roget's Thesaurus).

The direction of conversation (in a tree diagram):

Metaphor: Designing the conversation:
  1. Situate ethics
  2. Describe and discuss
  3. Describe and discuss
  4. Conclude
There's different types of conversations:

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