Economic sustainability through systems education [Len Troncale, ISSS 1998 Plenary Session, July 21/98]

[Plenary session, July 21/98, 10:50 a.m.]

Len Troncale, Cal Poly

Systems and Ecosystems as Allies

Caveat: Sustainability is not static stability Involves ecosystem engineering, with lots of human intervention Involves societal systems engineering How to get sustain in sustainable? His ideal of a systems education program Need consensus within ISSS, but don't have good methods. New tools: Klir's reconstructability; Odum's Emergy analysis; linkage propositions; living systems From environmental science: What inhibits systems science? When should systems education occur? Where is integration taught? Nowhere. Past systems education programs Stealth Delivery of Systems Education Will create a SIS alliance: teaching the teachers, who will create materials for K-12.

3-year program in comparative systems analysis.

Systems oath: "Do no harm".

Systems Allometry: Center for Regenerative Studies at Cal Poly is not on systems, but is an ecological building / environment, with interested students.

Need to get our act together first, and then can teach.


Difference between social systems and natural systems is that in social systems, the person is inside of it.

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