A multi-modal study of sustainability and village life [Veronica de Raadt, ISSS 1998 Paper Session, July 21/98]

[Paper session, July 21/98, 2:55 p.m.]

Veronica de Raadt: Australian Ph.D. student in the north of Sweden (Lulea U. of Technology)

Want to develop an ethical management of sustainability

Have been applying multi-modal systems thinking (under duress from husband Donald de Raadt, who has been doing this for 12 years) Want to understand the role of the normative, in systems theory.

Application to a village in the north of Sweden: underpopulated, due to the cold.

Starting applying Beer's Viable Systems Model, which is incorporated into the multi-modal systems model. Developed eight systems in Rosvik:
  1. Families
  2. Political party
  3. Churches (2 in village)
  4. Clubs (sports)
  5. Businesses
  6. Party branch
  7. School (1 in village -- public school only in Sweden)
  8. Municipality
Findings, so far (at first stage): Findings: Normative modalities: Also considering looking at some of the systems as case studies.


Why don't people relocate? Have businesses left?

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