The teaching of multi-modal thinking on a self-study of teaching reform in a university information system course [Mark Williams, ISSS 1998 Paper Session, July 21/98]

[Paper session, July 21/98, 4:20 p.m.]

Mark Williams: West Australia, just recent Ph.D. student, Faculty of Management Information Systems

In 1991 to 1993, conducted study on technicism: over-reliance on technology:

Idea of modalities: Amsterdam School of Philosophy: 5-year history teaching computing for a BBA. Start a class: tell about ergonomics, so they don't get sick. Did over 2 years, surveyed to find if technicism reduced. Technicism, vs. ...

Discourse: opening up the bounds of the system

Amsterdam school of philosophy:

Drew a rich picture (which is important to Soft Systems Thinking) Discoveries about teaching reform.
  1. Over-reliance on technicism
  2. Discourse could lead to an open learning environment.
  3. Technicism was going in on self -- which probably what happens in any researcher, as a dialogue between the inner self and the outer self.
Related back to Donald de Raadt.


Would the result have been different, if students had been participative. On the breathing exercise: What changed the bounds of the system? It's dangerous to be a prophet.

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