Principles of a quantitative living systems science [James Simms, ISSS 1998 Workshop, July 21/98]

[Workshop, July 21/98, 7:30 p.m.]

James Simms

New book: Principles of a Quantitative Living Systems Science

Principle means ... Contents: Need for a quantitative living systems science Principles
  1. Behaviors of living systems are observable and measurable by the way of the energies are used in the behaviours.
  2. Living systems have a unique behavioural characteristic which is a capacity to direct energy
  3. A system's capacity to direct energy is a function of structure and organization
  4. A system's capacity to direct energy can be quantified
  5. A system's behaviour is a function of the energy available to the system.
  6. A living system's behavior is a function of behavioral information
  7. Behavioural information can be measured by the work it causes.
  8. A living system's behaviour is a direct function of the system's capacity to direct energy, to the energy available to the system, and to behavioral information.
Methods and models to come up with principles. Measurement / quantification. Emergence of the quantitative sciences: Basis of any quant science is observation of the behaviour of the subjects of the science. Behavior: Fundamental characteristics of a system: Prereqs for quant living system science. Measurement or calculation of living system behavior. Nature of living systems behaviour Sidebar: Not covering group behaviour in this book, it would be in next book. Capacity to direct energy: Structure and organization: Behavioural information: Genetic information: Biochemical information: Neural information: Determinants of living systems behavior
  1. Available energy
  2. Capacity to direct energy
  3. Information
Measurement of behaviour and fundamental determinants. Genetic measurement unit: Biochemical information unit: Neural information unit: Fundamental relationships: Validation of principles:

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