Six parameters for restructuring a corporation: a case history [Daniel Hershey, ISSS 1998 Paper Session, July 22/98]

[Paper session, July 22/98, 2:20 p.m.]

Daniel Hershey, Professor of chemical engineering, at Cincinnati

Organizations as aging, evolving systems.

Deal with aging cells, which led to the variability of life spans.

Led to research on non-living systems. (Can find this on his home page)

Have written a number of books:

Became aware and developed equations which quantify the function and well-being in organizations (in the paper, and book).
  1. Overlapping of functions, which establishes major functions for the unit, and the organization.
  2. Geometry of the table of organization:
  3. Interactions which bypass the boss.
  4. Where's the center of gravity for power?
  5. Symmetry: How is the power distributed?
  6. Informational entropy: efficiency of information flow (based on Shannon)
Recently studied the Institute for Applied Manufacturing Engineering.


Can you change an organization without the leadership?

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