Engineers, technology and sustainability [Farrokh Mistree, ISSS 1998 Plenary Session, July 23/98]

[Plenary session, July 23/98, 10:15 a.m.]

Hosted by Farrokh Mistree filling in for Ward Winer, chair of school of mechanical engineer (who is bonding with his grandchild)

Think ahead: Year 2020. Challenges: Posed CEO question to students, ran an international competition. Anchors for Systems Realization Laboratory: For something useful to come out of human and computer interaction, need a symbiotic relationship Global manufacturing enterprises in 2020: Industry wants ... Open Systems Paradigm ... Need to provide students with a paradigm to learn about learning Want to bring people who will think differently. Mission in lab is to address issues to reduce expenditures of resource in families of products ...

Intellectual capital
Market needs (marketing)
Technical function
solution principles
Working principles
Need to work on ...

Don't have a design science right now, need to develop.

Want to use analysis techniques earlier in design stages.

Integration: barriers and game theory. Modeling enterprise design: Passion: The green monkey:

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