A simulator for operational organizational design [Toshizume Ohta, ISSS 1998 Paper Session, July 23/98]

[Paper session, July 22/98, 1:35 p.m.]

Toshizume Ohta, Graduate School of Information Systems, U. of Electrocommunications, Tokyo, with Kazunari Ishida

Purpose of the O-Cubed simulator: find the best organizational design.

Target: org designers and members in an org


Other concepts of org modeling: O-Cubed simulator provides: Features: Functions: Example: Design of cooperation of cooks in a restaurant
  1. Clarify alternative designs, environmental parameters, and estimation indicators.
  2. Model the organization
  3. Test the alternative designs by running the model
  4. Observe results of simulation.
Chart: Y-axis average processing time, X-axis amount of task (i.e. centralized tasks, decentralized tasks, or integrated tasks) Defining the coordination structure: Future research:


Would this work for larger, managerial hierarchies?

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