The development of a sustainable system under uncertainty [Amy Hermann, ISSS 1998 Paper Session, July 23/98]

[Paper session, July 22/98, 3:40 p.m.]

Amy Hermann and Janet Allen, Georgia Tech, with David Rosen

More correctly, a system which promote sustainability under uncertainty

Work focuses on ...

Two questions: Sustainability as it pertains to design System-based design: Two types of decisions:
  1. Selection decision
Usually run into range set of capabilities: First Design: Then DfM: Range of capabilities, using fuzzy arithmetic: triangular membership distribution of min, max and peak

Example problem:

Crisp process selection word formulation: Fuzzy selection is the same, except use fuzzy sets according to attributes.

Manufacturer's specification as interval scales: high, good/average, and low.

Performed scenarios for crisp and fuzzy.

Impact: Can reduce number of iterations between distributed design and manufacturing centers.

Future work: Need to look at fuzzy material selection (which must then be coupled with process selection, but not all materials work with all processes).

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