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-Discussed at [[connections-20080112]] 
-  * [[Bela H Banathy]]'​s idea of conversation was founded on [[David Bohm]]'​s idea of dialogue. 
-  * Have to have a generative conversation before getting to strategic conversation,​ or else people just stumbled over their boundaries. 
-  * Bela brought David Nichols, who wrote //On Dialogue//, as the editor of the book, to a conversation. 
-  * [[Gordon Pask]] came from a different place from [[Bela H Banathy]], but ended up in the same place 
-  * [[Gordon Pask]] wrote from a cybenetics background, [[David Bohm]] came from a physics projects. 
-Discussed at [[connections-20080113]] 
-  * [[David Bohm]] version of dialogue. 
-    * Meeting once or twice a year, for maybe a year.  No formal agenda or topics. 
-    * At some point, something would bring something conflictual ... eventually to something offensive. 
-    * Point of dialogue was to back off, and then not try to win, to explore the major difference. 
-    * It was an unexplored assumption, at such a deep level so that they felt that they had to discuss. 
-    * Things that people felt deeply, but not enough for people to surface. 
-  * Bela H Banathy felt that the precursor to the conversation was a shared world view:  need a generative part of the conversation,​ before having the strategic view. 
-    * If tried to do strategic conversation first, would then stumble on the assumptions. 
-    * If people just come with assumptions and differences first, would then end up in compromise. 
-  * Bela H Banathy was not able to continue to more types of dialogue, because of his advanced age. 
-  * At NTL, have a similar/​different approach to get people to a deeper level, with professional facilitation. 
-    * Not directed topically, but puts people into situations where they are forced to deal with their difficulties. 
-    * The forcing is the issue, because it takes time for people to reflect and unwind things at a different level. 
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