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-The formal Liaisons web page is at http://​​units/​liaisons.html http://​​units/​liaisons.html . 
-According to the [[http://​​Bylaws/​Html?​action=edit|ISSS Bylaws]][[http://​​Bylaws/​Html?​action=edit|?​]],​ section, liaisons fall under the purview of the Vice-President for Communication and Systems Education. The broad interests of an ISSS member who is also the active in other sympathetica organizations can, however, help to develop additional bridges for knowledge transfer -- in both directions. 
-The formally-appointed liaison officers are listed below. 
-==== Liaisons Officers ==== 
-| **Liaison** | **Liaison Activities** | **Reported Activities** | 
-| [[http://​​Main/​LiasonToAAASSectionK?​action=edit|Liason to AAAS Section K]][[http://​​Main/​LiasonToAAASSectionK?​action=edit|?​]][[http://​​Social/​Shtml?​action=edit|American Association for the Advancement of Science -- Section on Social, Economic, and Political Science]][[http://​​Social/​Shtml?​action=edit|?​]] | (open) | (none reported) | 
-| [[http://​​Main/​LiaisonToAAASSectionL?​action=edit|Liaison to AAAS Section L]][[http://​​Main/​LiaisonToAAASSectionL?​action=edit|?​]]\\ [[http://​​aboutaaas/​organization/​sections/​hist.shtml|American Association for the Advancement of Science -- Section on History and Philosophy of Science]] | (open) (formerly held by C. West Churchman, U.C. Berkeley) | (none reported) | 
-| [[http://​​Main/​LiaisonToAAASSectionM?​action=edit|Liaison to AAAS Section M]][[http://​​Main/​LiaisonToAAASSectionM?​action=edit|?​]]\\ [[http://​​aboutaaas/​organization/​sections/​eng.shtml|American Association for the Advancement of Science -- Section on Engineering]] | Kazuhiko Kawamura, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering & Management of Technology, \\ Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee http://​​~kawamura/​\\ [[mailto:​|]] | (none reported) | 
-| [[http://​​Main/​LiaisonToAAASSectionQ?​action=edit|Liaison to AAAS Section Q]][[http://​​Main/​LiaisonToAAASSectionQ?​action=edit|?​]]\\ [[http://​​aboutaaas/​organization/​sections/​edu.shtml|American Association for the Advancement of Science -- Section on Education]] | Howard Thorsheim, Professor of Psychology, St. Olaf College, \\ Northfield, Minnesota \\ http://​​people/​thorshm/​\\ [[mailto:​|]] | (none reported) | 
-| [[http://​​Main/​LiaisonToAAASInternationalPrograms?​action=edit|Liaison to AAAS International Programs]][[http://​​Main/​LiaisonToAAASInternationalPrograms?​action=edit|?​]]\\ [[http://​​programs/​international|American Association for the Advancement of Science -- International Programs]] | Daniel Radell, (formerly of Winston-Salem State University and Marymount University) | (none reported) | 
-| [[http://​​Main/​LiaisonToUNESCO?​action=edit|Liaison to UNESCO]][[http://​​Main/​LiaisonToUNESCO?​action=edit|?​]]\\ [[http://​|United Nations Educational,​ Scientific and Cultural Organization]] | (open) | (none reported) | 
-| [[http://​​Main/​LiaisonToIIASA?​action=edit|Liaison to IIASA ]][[http://​​Main/​LiaisonToIIASA?​action=edit|?​]]\\ [[http://​|International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis]] [[http://​|United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification]] | Istvan Kiss | (none reported) | 
-| [[http://​​Main/​LiaisonToAcademyOfManagement?​action=edit|Liaison to Academy of Management]][[http://​​Main/​LiaisonToAcademyOfManagement?​action=edit|?​]]\\ [[http://​​|Academy of Management]] | (open) (formerly held by Joseph Litterer, Professor Emeritus of the University of Massachusetts) | (none reported) | 
-| [[http://​​Main/​LiaisonToEURO?​action=edit|Liaison to EURO]][[http://​​Main/​LiaisonToEURO?​action=edit|?​]]\\ [[http://​|The Association of European Operational Research Societes]] (EURO) | Peter Pruzan, \\ Professor Emeritus, Copenhagen Business School,​Department of Management, Politics & Philosophy, Frederiksberg,​ Denmark, \\ http://​​staff/​peter.pruzan/​\\ [[mailto:​|]] | (none reported) | 
-(last updated by David Ing on November 25, 2004) 
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