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 +SIG Chair: Anne Stephens  ​
 +Students from approximately high school to post-doctoral age are cordially invited to join the fifth meeting of the Student SIG. We hope that you will consider contributing a paper and/or poster for presentation in our group discussions. However, simply participating in the group’s generative and creative dialogue is also appreciated and welcomed. The goals of the Student SIG include: to foster interest and excitement for the systems sciences among younger generations;​ share and articulate ideas from many different disciplines;​ and to synthesis a collected “youth” view of the Society’s past, present, and future.
 +What makes this SIG unique, is the opportunity to integrate many varied disciplines and backrounds into a student presence within the ISSS. Distinguished members of the society will also be invited to come speak to our SIG to futher present their ideas. It is essential that youth participation be established in order to introduce youth to the workings of the ISSS, to create a contributing student membership, and to perpetuate the work of the ISSS in the future.
 +The meetings of the Student SIG will be conducted in much the same manner as the Evolutionary Development SIG, chaired by Alexander and Kathia Laszlo. There will be no formal presentations of papers/​posters,​ but rather a brief period for the day’s presenters to familiarize the group with their work. Triggering questions will be created beforehand in order to give the discussion a focus. After allowing for a brief question period, we will proceed to a strategically guided discussion. An evolutionary dialogue will take place in which new insights may be constructed and further collaborations made possible.
 +The best preparations for these meetings will be to read the papers scheduled for presentation,​ take part in outside conversations during the various workshops and plenaries, and come with enthusiasm for a new youth collaboration!
 +Presentation Format: Brief presentations by authors, followed by strategically guided discussion.
 +See other [[Special Integration Groups]]
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