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-SIG Chair: Len Troncale 
-The purposes of this fourth annual meeting of the Systems Pathology SIG are to invite (1) papers that summarize ideas, tools, or techniques of systems science that could inform systems biology, (2) papers that relate systems pathology to systems biology, (3) papers that show how advances in systems biology can contribute to systems science, and (4) papers that further develop systems pathology as a new discipline that could contribute to both systems science and systems biology. It should be noted that any advances in systems science of utility to systems biology/​systems pathology would also be of utility to the systems neurosciences and earth systems science. 
-Presentation Format: This session will accept abstracts for platform presentation or for posters. Presentation format will depend upon numbers of submissions and will be developed by the group by email in the months preceding the meeting. 
-See other [[Special Integration Groups]] 
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