2007/08/10 11:50 Nicholas Magliocca, "Student Report", ISSS Tokyo 2007

2007/08/10 11:50 Nicholas Magliocca, "Student Report", ISSS Tokyo 2007

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Student SIG gives an opportunity to get together to discuss papers during the day

  • Society has gone more towards application recently
  • Student SIG help gets foundations from peers
  • Also opportunity to network for future systems scientists

Red thread concept from Cancun and Sonoma, good to hear what's important

  • Integration of hard and soft approach, with more respect
  • Demand for educational background
  • Talk about the primer
  • Continued pressure on Len Troncale to write a book

Primer:  Need a commitment from established members to provide feedback on the content, as a learning opportunity

Question: All of the discussion on the rigour, need some educational materials

  • But, how to we market ourselves as systems scientists, as students looking to get paid somehow