2007/10/09 Wladimir Sachs {Paul Broholm}

This information was received on the SystemsThinkers Yahoo Group.

Dear all:

It may be news that you already have, and I apologies in advance for any sense of intrusion, but I have been asked to pass on the news that Wladimir Sachs passed away yesterday, and I do so with your email address from one of his remarkable missives.

I'm afraid that I know nothing more at this moment, except that there may be plans for a memorial in France later this week.

While this form of announcement may be somewhat unorthodox, I suspect that Wlad—given his “sinuous road of life” as he once put it—would have found a network approach to spreading the news to be appropriate. Indeed, this plain message does not do justice to his pioneering spirit, immense creativity, and profound sense of humor. But to imitate him would be, for me at least, an insincere form of flattery. Wlad was inimitable.

My sincere condolences to his family.

Paul Broholm