2007/10/23 Preliminary program for ICCS 2007/10/28-11/02

The preliminary program of the International Conference on Complex Systems Sunday Oct 28-Friday Nov 2 is available http://www.necsi.edu/community/wiki/index.php/ICCS07 Some changes may still have to take place.

The primary program of interest are the many break out sessions on concepts and methods, and on universal properties of physical, biological and social systems. Given the extent of the program here are some of the presentations topics organized by themes:


The ICCS conference has a special theme on global systems. Among the presenters are Muhammad Yunus (Herbert Simon Award recipient and Nobel Prize Laureate in Peace for the development of Microloans and the Grameen Bank), Frannie Leautier (recently Vice President of the World Bank), Richard Cooper (former Chairman of the National Intelligence Council and former Under-Secretary of State for Economic Affairs), Patrick Hughes (former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)) -- Banquet presentation see below.

There are also many presentations on social systems. The opening talk will be given by Philip Zimbardo who performed the Stanford Prison Experiment. A session on Social systems chaired by Eve Mitleton-Kelly of the London School of Economics, includes Kathleen Carley (Modeling Social systems at Carnegie Mellon), Max Boisot (Strategic Management at Barcelona), Paul Cilliers (University of Stellenbosch, South Africa), Dwight Reed (Anthropology, UCLA). A special session on "Hard Sociology" chaired by Joel MacAuslan includes Larry Liebovitch, Bruce Skarin, Corey Lofdahl, Eugene Stanley and Stuart Madnick. Other speakers in the Network sessions will also address social systems including Jeffrey Stamps and Jessica Lipnack on networks and teams, and Josh Epstein will give a talk on modeling social systems. Additional sessions of interest are on Socio-economic systems, Global concerns, Management, Innovation, Marketing, and Social Policy for Science, Health and Education.


A special day on Networks will be held on Friday Nov. 2. Many areas of key interest in the structure and dynamics of networks will be addressed by Alan Perelson, (Networks of the Immune system), Jose Mendes, evolution of networks, Jeff Stamps and Jessica Lipnack, networks and teams, Alessandro Vespignani, epidemics on networks, and Dan Braha, dynamics of networks.

There are network sessions on neural and physiological network dynamics, and many other presentations in sessions on engineering, social, and biological systems are focused on networks. The topic of networks is one of the central themes of complex systems research and the conference reflects this.


There is a special program on Systems Engineering of Complex Systems that runs throughout the conference. Four special sessions are co-sponsored by the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE). Among the presenters are Sarah Sheard, Fellow of INCOSE, and Robert Dean, Chief Systems Engineer of the Future Combat System at Boeing.


Special presentations on biological, ecological and evolutionary systems include: Geoffrey West President of the Santa Fe Institute on Universal Laws in Biology, Simon Levin of Princeton on Evolution and Economics, Marc Kirschner of Harvard Medical School on evolution and development, Iain Couzin of Princeton on Collective behavior in Animals, Andre Levchenko of Johns Hopkins on Cell Sensing and Signaling, Hava Siegelmann of UMass on Biological Development and Computation, Janet Wiles of Queensland on DNA to development, Gyan Bhanot of IBM on Methods of Systems Biology, and Evelyn Fox Keller of MIT on Evolving Function, Purpose, and Agency.


Among the many presentations exploring concepts, mathematics, nonlinear dynamics and computer tools are:

  • Ed Fredkin - on the Discrete Universe
  • Blaise Aguera Y Arcas - of Microsoft on multiscale visualization (merging multiple images and exploring large visual spaces).
  • Greg Chaitin - extreme mathematics (uncomputable numbers)
  • Diana Dabby - chaotic engineering and music
  • Liz Bradley - understanding and measuring chaos
  • Martin Berzins - scientific computing

There are many other sessions of the conference on the concepts methods and tools of complex systems, and on nonlinear dynamics and pattern formation.


Speaker Ray Jackendoff of Tufts and a special theme session chaired by Philippe Binder including Morten Christiansen of Cornell on creating language, Angelo Cangelosi of Plymouth on grounding agent languages, and Kenny Smith on language and biological/ cultural evolution, will discuss topics in Language.


Other special sessions in Disease dynamics and Scale Hierarchy, can be found in the program.


Barbara Jasny, Supervisory Senior Editor of Science will describe the advances of science and their communication from her unique vantage point at Science Magazine.


We are pleased to announce that the banquet session presentation will be given by Lt. Gen. Patrick Hughes, Ret. Former Director of Intelligence, U.S. Central Command, Former Director of Intelligence, Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)

HERBERT A. SIMON AWARD: At a special session on Friday morning Nov 2, the Herbert A. Simon Award will be presented to Muhammad Yunus for his contributions to global development and alleviating poverty through microfinance and the Grameen Bank.

PEDAGOGICAL SESSIONS: The presentations on Sunday Oct 28 are pedagogical sessions. Moreover, many of the other presentations will focus on key concepts and ideas and are well suited to students and newcomers to complex systems.

POSTER SESSION: The poster session will display works on all complex systems topics and will be open all week for discussions starting on Monday evening.

The names, affiliations and topics of speakers are available in the program http://www.necsi.edu/community/wiki/index.php/ICCS07

There are a few openings in sessions due to last minute cancelations and if you would like to present please submit an abstract and we will include it in a session if space allows.


Yaneer Bar-Yam
Chair, International Conference on Complex Systems

Professor and President
New England Complex Systems Institute