2008/02/15 deadline for abstracts, Social Entrepreneurship, Systems Thinking and Complexity, Adelphi University, 2008/04/24-26

CALL FOR PAPERS: Social Entrepreneurship, Systems Thinking, & Complexity

First International Conference April 24-26, 2008 Adelphi University, Garden City, New York (right outside of Manhattan, near JFK Airport)

The unique and pressing challenges facing both the economic and social situations of the 21st century are calling for fundamentally new initiatives.

The burgeoning arena of social entrepreneurship is one such example of how public and private organizations are forging alliances aiming at addressing these challenges. As of yet, though, there's no recognizably useful theoretical underpinning of the systemic dimension of social entrepreneurship.

Recent advances in the sciences of complex systems, however, hold great promise for a more thorough understanding and grounding of social entrepreneurship activities. The need for a complexity-based perspective going beyond current linear and equilibrium-based models is even noted in the most recent guidelines for applications for funding in the area of social entrepreneurship programs.

At this conference we will bring together leading thinkers in complexity theory, social entrepreneurship, systems thinking, social innovation, and leadership research to explore questions surrounding social entrepreneurship.

Attendees of the conference will gain a better understanding of the state of knowledge in these vital areas and will leave more energized and engaged in furthering the goals of social entrepreneurship. The goal of this conference is not only to provide a unique opportunity to further understanding but also to make a real difference in our world.

Selected papers at the conference will be published in a special issue of the journal Emergence: Complexity and Organization (E:CO) and will also be included in an edited book to be published in 2008.


Due Dates

For consideration, Extended abstracts or drafts of academic papers must be received by: February 15, 2008

Proposals for Panels or Symposia are due by: March 10, 2008

Submission Guidelines: All academic paper submissions will go through a blind review process. All submissions should be prepared in Word (version 1998 or higher). Submission of a paper constitutes agreement that if the paper is accepted for presentation at least one of the authors will register to attend the conference.

Invited Special Guest Speakers- world-renowned speakers in public policy, economics, complexity, and social entrepreneurship to give plenary sessions.

The organizers of this conference are Dr. Jeffrey Goldstein (goldstei@adelphi.edu) & Dr. James K. Hazy (hazy@adelphi.edu)of Adelphi University. An electronic copy of the submission should be sent to Dr. Hazy.

Additional information and guidelines on the Emergence: Complexity and Organization (E:CO) journal may be obtained from its website: www.emergence.org.

Conference Information: Please check for details and updates on our website at: http://complexityleadership.wikispaces.com/Events .