Berlin 2015


Governing the Anthropocene: the greatest challenge for systems thinking in practice?

The 59th Meeting of the International Society for the Systems Sciences will be held in Berlin, Germany, August 2 - 7, 2015.

Conference co-hosts, Ray Ison (ISSS President) and Louis Klein (ISSS Vice President for Conferences), extend an invitation to join us in Berlin from the 2nd-7th August 2015 for a conference that:

  • challenges systems thinkers, researchers, practitioners , scientists to reflect upon what they do, or might do, in governing the Anthropocene;
  • creates an opportunity for you to contribute a paper or papers relevant to the conference theme and which fit within the ISSS SIGs (special integration groups) and other themes that are being planned;
  • enables you to experience the ambience and excitement that is Berlin.

Already we have attracted a lot of interest so do try to make your arrangements early.  

The call for papers (and submission website) is now open. Please click HERE for the Journals submission information page.

For those not familiar with the overall framing of the conference: ‘Governing the Anthropocene: the greatest challenge for systems thinking in practice?’ then you are invited to visit these sites:

Visit Anthropecene at

And Berlin is already leading the way in exploring the implications for us all of ‘Governing the Anthropocene’: see

A feature of the 2014 conference will be a number of embedded days or special themes. There will be an ASC day (American Society of Cybernetics) and a number of thematic strands offered in conjunction with systems, or systems-orientated groups such as the Systems Dynamics Society, INCOSE, AEA (American Evaluation Society) and the International Sociological Association RC51 “Sociocybernetics”.  As the program continues to develop and firm-up we will keep you posted via the conference website.

A few keynote speakers have been confirmed – we will update details as planning proceeds.

A large hotel venue is not that common for ISSS. However this year the Scandic has been able to offer a very enticing package for the conference venue, meals and very reasonably priced accommodation.  They have a developed sustainability strategy which accords with the overall conference theme.

A few important facts are:

1. Special ISSS pre-conference Workshops will be held on 2nd August (although there may be requests to start some on the 1st) - we do not yet know how many there will be

2. The ISSS conference begins in the late afternoon of 2nd August with a reception.

3. The conference has been traditionally divided into half days with one half day in plenary and one half day devoted to concurrent sessions (except the final day, i.e. Friday) – this basic design will be retained.

4. The proposal is to have concurrent sessions comprise the ISSS Special Interest groups (SIGS) + special themed sessions e.g. ASC, etc.  Some themed sessions will act as a one day conference equivalent e.g. ASC and keynote speakers will be 'shared'.

5. If we are successful in obtaining funding we hope to have an associated PhD program (maximum of 30) attracting 4 or 6 Credits (in conjunction with WINs (Workshop of Institutional Analysis of Social-Ecological Systems), Humbolt University– if we obtain the funding we will let you know.

We look forward to seeing you in Berlin, and hope that you will save these days and consider presenting a paper at this meeting.

Ray and Louis

      Prof. Ray Ison - Open University, UK and Monash University

     Dr. Louis KleinSystemic Excellence Group