60th Annual Meeting of the International Society for the Systems Sciences

and 1st Policy Congress of ISSS

Boulder, USA : July 24-30, 2016

Realizing Sustainable Futures in Socio-Ecological Systems

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Also: In Boulder, CO: Graduate Programme in Research (July 22-30, 2016)


Vadlamudi, INDIA : July 23-25, 2016

Leadership for Sustainability


"Unity in Diversity -- Humanity in Technology"


India: 23-25 July 2016 -- Leadership for Sustainability

Vadlamudi, Anhra Pradesh, India, Biotechnology Department, Vignan's University

Day 1 (Saturday): Food, Energy, and Water Systems: Engineering for Sustainability

  • Session 1: Renewable and sustainable energy
  • Session 2: Sustainable and healthy food systems/Engineering systems for

Day 2 (Sunday): Economics, Business, and Green Technologies

  • Session 3: Circular economic models for business, societies, entrepreneurs and communities
  • Session 4: Green technologies- agriculture and livestock/Use of sensors for sustainability

Day 3 (Monday): Habitats and Ecosystem Sustainability

  • Session 5: Habitat resilience (rural, urban, forest and natural ecosystems)
  • Session 6: Valedictory session

USA: 24-30 July 2016 -- Realizing Sustainable Futures in Socio-Ecological Systems

Math and Engineering Buildings, University of Colorado, Boulder  (Campus Information)

Day 1 (Monday): Frameworks for Systemic Sustainability: “When are Complex Systems Sustainable?”

            Plenary I: The Challenge of System(s) Sustainability 

            Plenary II: Towards Holistic System(s) Theory

            Evening Keynote Program: Realizing Sustainable Futures

Day 2 (Tuesday): Global Science and Ecosystem Assessments: “From Problem to Solution Orientation.”

            Plenary III: Coupling Human and Natural System(s) Research

            Plenary IV: From Crisis to Synergy (Anticipatory, Exploratory and Participatory Methods)

Day 3 (Wednesday): Cultural, Ethical, and Economic Wisdom: “Reuniting Nature and Humanity”

            Plenary V: Making Sense in Economics, Ethics, and Policy

            Plenary VI: Multi-Cultural Wisdom

            Special Luncheon Keynote: Inter-Faith Perspectives on Global Sustainability

            Special Afternoon Session: ISSS Policy Summit

            Evening Reception: The Edges of Science

Day 4 (Thursday):  Engineering and Systemic Synthesis: “Creating Sustainable Systems”

            Plenary VII: Engineering Sustainable Systems and Technology

            Plenary VIII: Prospects for Scientific Systemic Synthesis

Day 5 (Friday): Education, Communication, and Capacity: “Making it Whole”

            Plenary IX: Systems Literacy Education and Outreach

            Plenary X: The Whole Person in a Whole society