Organizing Committees

Program Committee 

- The Core Coordinating Circle (CCC)

This sub-committee is comprised of representatives from the other four sub-committees (listed below) working with Alexander to orchestrate the efforts of each sub-committee as an emergent whole.  The primary focus of this group is communication and coordination with each other and representation and information sharing with and from the other four sub-committees.  This team makes all executive decisions regarding content, flow, process and structure of the conference, as follows: the Program Design Committee is the primary sub-committee for suggesting issues of structure, flow and style; the CIEL sub-committee designs and proposes the functional architecture for running the conference; the External Coordination sub-committee suggests how to market the event, how to recruit participants, and how to create synergies with related systems societies; and the Organizing & Logistics sub-committee provides the operational parameters within which we are to do it all, given the resources and venue at our disposal.  The CCC meets by Skype on a regular bi-monthly basis, and when necessary, every week.

  • Stefan Blachfellner
  • Kathryn Bottrell
  • Violeta Bulc
  • Alexander Laszlo (Chair)
  • Nam Nguyen
  • George Pór
  • Jennifer Wilby

- The Program Design sub-committee

This sub-committee focuses on the structure and flow of the conference, as well as on the organizational culture we wish it to embrace.  It draws upon the design of the days and the topics that resulted from the work of the team that met at the 2012 IFSR Convesation Event in Linz April and continues to modify, enrich and refine that design with the objective of creating a living experience in systemic thrivability at the conference, itself.  This team is also in charge of setting the overall project work-flow for the entire Organizing Committee to follow in order to properly structure the conference.  A sub-subcommittee comprised of George, Will, Stefan and Jennifer serves in an advisory capacity and as resources to the core team, helping with connections to resources and with “fresh eyes” to consider the emerging designs.

  • Stefan Blachfellner
  • Ockie Bosch
  • Pamela Buckle
  • Violeta Bulc (Chair)
  • Todd Johnston
  • Alexander Laszlo
  • Nam Nguyen
  • Will Varey
  • Palma Vizzoni
  • Jacqui Wilmshurst
  • Irma Wilson
  • Karri Winn

- The Collective Intelligence Enhancement Laboratory (CIEL) sub-committee

This sub-committee work with George on the Co-Intelligence Initiative of the conference, the primary vehicle of which is the CIEL.  At the beginning, this team will primarily be focused on determining the shape and structure that the CIEL is to take in order both to serves as a living case for how to run a conference type event that curates a thrivable planet, and to serve as the platform for the Global Evolutionary Learning Laboratory (GELL) that is to emerge from the conference.  Subsequently, this team will work on designing and implementing the system to carry out this two-fold objective.  The sub-subcommittee of this team is focused more specifically on the socio-technical and technological challenges of creating an operational CIEL in coordination with the needs of the GELL being developed by Ockie and Nam.

  • Fabio Barone
  • Ockie Bosch
  • Kathryn Bottrell (Co-Chair)
  • Violeta Bulc
  • Tom Bullock
  • Glistening Deepwater
  • Valeria Delgado
  • Debora Hammond
  • Haydn Hsin
  • Todd Johnson
  • Klara Klaric
  • Alexander Laszlo
  • George Pór (Co-Chair)
  • Connor Turland
  • John Vodonick
  • Jacquie Wilmshurst
  • Irma Wilson
    • Dino Karabeg
    • Paola Di Maio
    • Judith Rosen
    • Gail Taylor
    • Stuart Umpleby
    • Harlan Wood

- The External Communication and Coordination sub-committee

This sub-committee is responsible for positioning the ISSS Hai Phong Conference as a major event in the eyes of current and potential ISSS members as well as with major institutions with an interest in systems thinking and practice world wide.  As such, it looks at how best to curate the conditions for GELL to emerge from the conference and be known and welcomed among both theoreticians and practitioners of systemic sustainability as broadly as possible.  Stefan coordinates this team with the help of Ockie, who is focused on the ongoing development of the Evolutionary Learning Laboratory (ELL) in preparation for the launch of GELL at the conference.  Ming-Fen and KingKong work on generating interest and participation in our conference from throughout China and Taiwan, and also help bridge the interests of those members of the ISSS and the ASC (American Society for Cybernetics) who will be attending both our conference and theirs, which is scheduled to take place in Suzhou, China, 10 days after ours ends.  This team will seek to invite representatives from major systems and cybernetic societies to participate as active members on this sub-committee in the fulfillment of its objectives.

  • Stefan Blachfellner (Chair)
  • Kathryn Bottrell
  • Ockie Bosch
    • Enrique Herrscher
    • Alexander Laszlo
    • Ming-Fen Li
    • KingKong Lin
    • Janet Singer
    • Jennifer Wilby
      • Representatives from INCOSE, ASC, SD, NECSI, ALAS and other IFSR organizations.

- The Conference Organizing and Logistics sub-committee

This sub-committee is concerned with the actual conference, itself — on the ground in Hai Phong City and on Cat Ba island.   From coordination between the IOC (the International Organizing Committee which comprises everyon on these five sub-committees) and the NOC (the National Organizing Committee, the liaison for which is Ms Lien Hoang - see below for further information), to culturally appropriate arts and entertainment events (which, ideally would form an integral part of the conference, and not just a “special evening” for them), to deciding on the promotional material and packaging of the welcome packet for all conference attendees, as well as other such concerns.  As counterpart to Ms. Lien, Nam Nguyen is the official liaison between the IOC of the ISSS and the LOC of the Hai Phong government, who are our hosts for this event in Viet Nam.  He is also the Vice President for Conferences of the ISSS this year, so he will be coordinating this sub-committee.

  • Ockie Bosch
  • Lien Hoang 
  • Alexander Laszlo
  • Nam Nguyen (Chair)
  • Jennifer Wilby


ISSS Conference Management Committee

  • Jennifer Wilby, VP Administration
  • Nam Nguyen, VP Conferences and Membership
  • Alexander Laszlo, President
  • VP Funds
  • Pamela Buckle, Secretary and VP Protocol
  • Stefan Blachfellner, Director of Marketing

Viet Nam National Organizing Committee (NOC)

  • Professor Dan Duc Hiep, Chairman, First Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee, Hai Phong City
  • Mr. Le Thanh Son, Vice Chairman, Director of the Department of Planning and Investment, Hai Phong City

NOC Committee Members

  • Head of local departments: Agriculture and Rural Development, Science and Technologies, Natural Resources and Environment, Department of Foreign Affairs, Finance, Cultural, Tourism and Sports, Office of the People's Committee of Hai Phong City, Office of the People's Committee of Cat Hai District.
  • Standing (contacting) Department:  Department of Planning and Investment
  • Invited: Chief of Office of the Communist Party of Hai Phong City to join the NOCas a member

The Assistant Secretariat for the National Organising Committee

  • Secretary-General: Mr. Duong Ngoc Tuan, Vice Director, Department of P&I

Secretary Members:

  • Mr. Do Quang Khoa, Deputy Chief of the Office of the Communist Party of Hai Phong City;
  • Mr. Le Van Quy, Director of the Department of External Affairs;
  • Mr. Nguyen Hai Binh, PA of the Secretary of the Communist Party of Hai Phong City;
  • Mr. Do Quang Hung, Director of General Department, Office of the People's Committee Hai Phong City; Vice – Directorof the Office for Sustainable Development, Hai Phong City;
  • Mr. Tran Van Phuong, Environmental management specialist, Economic Department, Division 2, Office of the People's Committee Hai Phong City;
  • Ms. Hoang Thi Lien, Vice Manager of External Economic Division, Department of Planning and Investment;
  • Ms. Bui Thi Phuong, Specialist, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development;