Hai Phong City, Viet Nam, 2013

The 57th World Conference of the International Society for the Systems Sciences

Curating the Conditions for a Thrivable Planet: Systemic Leverage Points for Emerging a Global Eco-Civilization

Hai Phong City, Viet Nam — 14-19 July 2013


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We warmly invite you to join us in a unique experience that will contribute significantly to making systems thinking more mainstream around the world. The 57th Annual ISSS World Conference will provide you with an opportunity to showcase advances in systemic sustainability initiatives from around the world with hands-on experience in the UNESCO Cat Ba Biosphere Reserve and at Hai Phong City, the first city in the world to be managed using an integral systems approach.

Call for Participation

Be part of the co-creation of an international network of systems thinking in practice. Biosphere Reserves (more than 580 in 114 countries) are sites recognized under the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere (MAB) program to demonstrate innovative state-of-the-art approaches to conservation and sustainable development. The fact that UNESCO has recommended the launch of a pilot project in the Cat Ba Biosphere Reserve to use these areas as learning laboratories is of great interest to systems scientists. Furthermore, you will experience how the concept of a series of Living Laboratories (LLabs) for all major issues that various government departments of Hai Phong City are dealing with leads to a highly innovative cross-sectoral and organic Master Plan for thrivable governance.

Connect your own research, projects and experiences with these vibrant initiatives of high significance to the world. We invite individual researchers, systemic learning labs, national and regional development initiatives, and other systemic programs with sustainability projects from around the world to participate in this international event.

The opportunity to compare and learn from many initiatives in systemic sustainability will create a unique potential at ISSS 2013. Participate, present, and experience cutting edge systems models and real-world applications of thrivability initiatives from around the globe. Get connected and be part of the first step in a series of related international events and gatherings of various communities that address issues of livability and thrivability in terms of systemic socio-ecological innovation.

Visit the remarkable site of Hai Phong City and Cat Ba Biosphere Reserve to share your thought leadership and gain further scientific and practical advantages to better address your local systemic leverage points for emerging a global eco-civilization. Get involved and share your enthusiasm with attendees from all over the world. Let us extend the concepts and practices of systems thinking and the management of complex societal and ecosystemic issues together, curating the conditions for a thrivable planet.

Be part of this important event

This Conference offers the experience of a lifetime to have systems scientists and systems practitioners in one exciting place to form a Global Living Laboratory of systemic thrivability initiatives. Be a part of this world shifting initiative!

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