INCOSE 2008/06/15-19 Call for papers deadline 2007/11/05

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Systems Engineering for the Planet

18th Annual INCOSE International Symposium expanding the profession

Utrecht – 20 September 2007 – Systems Engineering, a profession generally associated with putting satellites into space, or creating the newest car models, will look toward the themes of water management, climate change, and transportation during the upcoming international symposium.   

The International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) is organizing the 18th Annual INCOSE International Symposium (IS2008) in Utrecht, the Netherlands from the 15-19th June, 2008,. The theme of IS2008 is “Systems Engineering for the Planet”, addressing the expanding scope of Systems Engineering application and responsibility. Examples of this expanding scope are addressed in specific sub-themes that focus on the application of systems engineering  in complex consumer and industrial systems, transportation and water management.

The INCOSE International Symposium is the foremost annual conference on Systems Engineering, gathering more than 1000 delegates from six continents to participate in five days of presentations, case studies, workshops, and panel discussions. The program attracts professionals, researchers and educators from industry, government and academia.

Note this important date - November    5th 2007 is the deadline for paper submissions. Papers are solicited that address the theme applying Systems Engineering principles and perspectives to improve the sustainability of our planet. Sustainability is concerned with achieving balanced solutions that account for the social, technological, economic, environmental, and political constraints. The theme also encourages Systems Engineers and others to address how we can use systems, methods, processes and tools to manage resource scarcity, prevent and repair environmental damage, ensure global safety & security and resolve social imbalances. Traditional topics are also welcome. They include technology insertion, process improvements and organizational governance of the systems that benefit mankind, to name a few. Additional information can be found on the conference website


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