Travel and Visas for HaiPhong

How to get to Haiphong City

ISSS participants can fly into Vietnam either via Ho Chi Minh City (Tan San Nhat airport - SGN) in the South of the country or Ha Noi (Noi Bai airport - HAN) in the North.

Although Ha Noi is in the North and closer to Hai Phong, it is simpler to fly to Ho Chi Min and change planes to fly to Hai Phong directly, This will save a longer overland trip between Ha Noi and Hai Phong, and arranging ground transport will be less complicated (and costly).

From HCM City to Hai Phong City (preferred option): take a domestic flight (Vietnam Airlines – 5 flights per day) from Tan San Nhat airport to Cat Bi airport (Hai Phong City); and Cat Bi airport is just 5 minutes by taxi to the Conference Centre and Hotels.

Most hotels will have transport between airport and hotel; check when booking your hotel to make this arrangement. Otherwise there is local transportation, but as with all travel, please be sure to check bus and taxi prices before agreeing the transportation.

For further information about traveling in Vietnam, please check the Tourist Information links below, and also your home country's Foreign or State Deptartment Advice on Traveling websites for full and complete information.

If you do fly into Ha Noi, then there are five possible options for traveling to Hai Phong:

  1. Make arrangements with your local hotel in HaiPhong to pick you up at Hanoi airport. This is offered by the Harbor Plaza Hotel at an approximate cost of $80 one way.
  2. Take a taxi from Noi Bai airport to LuongYen station in Hanoi (near the old quarter) and get on a coach/bus (every 15 minutes) to Tam Bacstation in the centre of Haiphong (this will take approx. 3 hours).
  3. Take a taxi from Noi Bai airport to Ha Noi main train station or Long Bien train station and get on the train to Hai Phong (2-3 trains per day, approx. 2.5 hours): - Haiphong & Halong.
  4. ‘Taxi pooling’: 2-3 persons could also consider the option of hiring a taxi to go directly from Noi Bai airport to Hai Phong City.
  5. We are also discussing with the Local Organising Committee to arrange a bus per day (during the few days prior to the Conference) to pick up ISSS participants from Noi Bai airport and go directly to Hai Phong city (cost paid by ISSS participants). Further details on this option will be posted closer to the conference date.

Visa Info for ISSS Haiphong 2013 Participants

If you wish to be certain about your visa being in place before you arrive in Vietnam, then please apply directly to the Vietnamese Consul in your own country.

Check by clicking here to see if your country needs a visa.

Should a participant of ISSS Haiphong 2013 require a Visa letter (e.g. for showing evidence to their employer): the Department of Foreign Affairs of Haiphong and/or the office of the ISSS will provide such a letter. Please email the office at