Sunday Workshops - 27 July 

All Day Workshops

9am to 5 pm 
INCOSE/Systems Science - Kent Palmer, Debora Hammond and Allenna Leonard
10 am to 5 pm
System Basics: Exploring the Relationship between traditional Chinese Systemic Theory and Practice, and the modern systemic theory and practice, for a comparative learning across the boundaries - Thomas Wong and E C Huang

Sunday morning 10 to 12:30

Living Systems Analysis workshop -- Living Systems Evolution -- Jim Simms

Sunday afternoon 2 to 5:30

Exploring Living Systems Awareness through Movement - Barbara Widhalm

Monday to Thursday Boundary Spanning Workshops - 28 to 31 July

Check programme for exact placement in the week:

Using Systems Concepts in Evaluation Design - Bob Williams

Combining "Traditional" Knowledge with Complex Adaptive System Understanding of How the World Works - Jonathan A Morell

Strategy, Social Media and Governance for ISSS - Pam Buckle, Ellen Lewis, Delia McNamara and Simon Kalechstein

Yes we CAN govern California, Jerry Brown: VSM and the Beer-Li Model- Jon Li

ISSS Roundtable into Practice - Sue Gabriele

Boundary Critique - Anne Stephens and Ellen Lewis

Activities Analysis: An Ethnographic Methodology for A Systems Approach to Program Implementation and Evaluation - Eve Pinsker and Michael Lieber

The IFF World Game - Resilience in a Complex System

Relational Science - John Kineman and Judith Rosen

System Duality and the Included Middle - Ron Cottam