Board of Directors

Board of Directors

President, 2014-2015 July (serves for 1 year)
(an executive committee member, and officer)
Ray Ison, Open University, UK
President-Elect (elected every year, serves for 1 year) John Kineman, University of Colorado
Past President, 2013-2014 July (serves for 1 year)

Gerald Midgley, University of Hull, UK

Vice-President, Administration
(an executive committee member, and officer for a 5-year term, ending July 2016)

Jennifer Wilby
University of Hull, UK
Treasurer and VP for Funds
(an executive committee member, and officer for a 5-year term, ending July 2017)

Michael Singer, Santa Cruz, CA, USA

Secretary and VP for Protocol
(an officer for a 2-year term, elected in even years)
Pamela Buckle,
Adelphi University, USA
VP for Research and Publications
(an officer for a 2-year term, elected in even years)
Shankar Sankaran, University of Technology, Sydney
VP for Communication and Systems Education
(an officer for a 2-year term, elected in odd years)
Ockie Bosch
University of Adelaide, Australia
VP for Conferences
(an officer for a 1-year term, elected by Council vote)
Louis Klein, Berlin
VP for Membership and Public Relations 2013-2016
(an officer for a 3-year term, elected by membership vote)
Delia MacNamara, University of Hull, UK
Board of Trustees' Representative (elected by Trustees in even years) Alexander Laszlo, SyntonyQuest

Board of Trustees

Gerald Midgley Past President, 2013
Alexander Laszlo Past President, 2012
David Ing Past President, 2011
Jennifer Wilby Past President, 2010
Allenna Leonard Past President, 2009
Timothy F H Allen Past President, 2008
Gary S Metcalf Past President, 2007
Kyochi (Jim) Kijima Past President, 2006
Debora Hammond Past President, 2005
Enrique B. Herrscher Past President, 2004
Kenneth D. Bailey Past President, 2003
Aleco Christakis Past President, 2002
Michael C. Jackson Past President, 2001
Harold G.Nelson Past President, 2000
Peter Corning Past President, 1999
Bela A. Banathy Past President, 1998
Ervin Laszlo Past President, 1995
J. Donald R. de Raadt Past President, 1994
Harold_A_Linstone Past President, 1993
Ian I. Mitroff Past President, 1992
Len R. Troncale Past President, 1990
Peter B. Checkland Past President, 1986
George Klir Past President, 1981
Brian Gaines Past President, 1979
Kjell Samuelson Past President, 1975
Peter J Caws Past President, 1966