2007/08/10 11:55 Jennifer Wilby, "Membership Meeting", ISSS Tokyo 2007

2007/08/10 11:55 Jennifer Wilby, "Membership Meeting", ISSS Tokyo 2007

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  • President-elect for 2008-2009 is Tim Allen, University of Wisconsin at Madison
  • VP of Communications and Systems Education, David Ing
  • Treasurer and vp of funds, Lynn Rasmussen

Will get mail later in the year for nominations, feedback requested

Society is healthy, financially, and conferences are returning a feedback

Have 270 members this year

  • 120 regular
  • 37 retired
  • 34 developing countries
  • 55 students
  • 21 past presidents

Financial statements from the Bulletin

In the mail, over the next few weeks, will be some simplification of the bylaws, clarifying roles of president, vp of administration and treasurer, so we don't have to relearn everything

  • Please return the ballot, to approve that

Role of the trustees to help strengthen the organization

  • Using the web site to expand the presence of the society is important