ISSS2018, Corvallis, Oregon, USA

62nd Annual Meeting of the International Society for the Systems Sciences

“Innovation and Optimization in Nature and Design”

July 22 – 27, 2018

Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon USA


You are warmly invited to join us in July 2018 at Oregon State University to explore foundational discoveries about the nature of complex systems which are now arising from research in systems disciplines such as System Biology, Systems Medicine, Systems Psychology, Systems Economics, Complexity Science and General Systems Research.   

This will be a pivotal event in the emerging renaissance of the systems sciences, bringing together scientists, engineers and practitioners from a wide spectrum of systems fields to explore common interests and challenges, learn from each other, align and consolidate progress, and gather inspiration and momentum for future work in the systems sciences. 

The complexity of the systems we undertake to establish or curate is increasing without limit, and this is accompanied by rapidly rising costs and failure rates.  A Systems Science that explains the nature of complex systems has become an urgent need, as reflected in recent calls by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE).

Over the last few decades many academic fields have developed systems specializations in order to investigate the systemic aspects of their subject areas, and in these areas there is a search for systems concepts and principles under such notions as design principles, organizing principles, channelling functions, and optimality principles.  In Systems Engineering, too, there is a growing interest in design patterns, optimization paradigms, and design elegance. 

The 2018 Conference of the International Society for the Systems Sciences (ISSS) will bring together these specialised strands of work, laying foundations for establishing the profound general systems science that would enable us to design and optimize for elegant functionality and enduring value at any level of complexity. 

For more information about the planned activities, speakers, sub-themes and key dates:

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We look forward to welcoming you in Corvallis, Oregon for ISSS 2018!

Important Dates for ISSS 2018

These are the deadlines for the ISSS 2018 Meeting.

  • December 1, 2017: On-line registration begins.
    • More information for booking accommodations will be added to this web site, as they become available.
  • May 1, 2018: Deadline for abstracts accepted for paper or poster presentations:
    • You must submit an abstract FIRST, and if this is accepted you will be invited to then submit a full paper. Submit to
    • Submissions by email to the ISSS Office will not be accepted. Contact the ISSS Office if you are having any technical difficulties loading your abstract.
    • If you submitted a contribution in previous years, the login will be the same. If you did not, then you will need to register before submitting to the Journals site. 
    • Please submit your abstracts no later than May 15, 2018 for Review.
    • Only ONE abstract per registered participant will be accepted for presentation. 
    • Late abstracts may be accepted on a space available basis, but we may not be able to include these in the printed programme.
    • Please refer to instructions for Preparing and Submitting Abstracts and Papers  consistent with the ISSS proceedings style.
    • Reviewers are your peers within the ISSS, and reviewing may take up to two weeks to accept or make comments on your abstract.
  • May 15, 2018end of early, discounted registration. 
  • June 1, 2018: deadline for student papers to be submitted for student paper award consideration
  • June 23, 2018: The deadline for full papers to be submitted for inclusion the programme.
    • Only ONE submission per registered participant will be accepted. 
    • If late papers are developed, or revisions are made to already submitted papers, we can continue to make changes to the on-line Journals proceedings on an on-going basis, but these will not be noted in the printed programme.
  • July 20, 2018: start of Graduate Student programme, 20--22 July all day and then combinng with ISSS2018 through the week of 22-27 July.
  • July 22, 2018: Pre-conference workshops are scheduled beginning on Sunday morning. 
    • Attendees interested in participating in pre-conference workshops should plan to check into their accommodations on the preceding day of the conference (Saturday).
  • July 22, 2018: Registration begins at 10 a.m. and is followed by our Opening Reception at 7 p.m..

ISSS2018 Programme Outline

Details of the ISSS2018 Programme will be added to this page as confirmed, with links to individual speaker information and paper sessions.

The overall programme for 2018 in Corvallis is shown in the table below.