Systems Sciences Connections Conversations

The origins of the ISSS (in the Society for General Systems Research) was based on the social interactions between a small group of founders.1  Their interest in jointly developing a perspective on the world -- through research into systems -- sparked a movement towards developing a body of knowledge transcending disciplinary boundaries.

The Systems Science Connections group originated in August 2007 with five active members of the ISSS.  These individuals are all officers of the society, who have demonstrated commitment towards continuation of the systems movement.  In the past, the work associated with day-to-day operations of the society and the organization of the annual meeting has limited their opportunities to more deeply develop their understandings of systems science.  The Systems Science Connections group has thus been chartered to focus specifically on connecting our shared knowledge, and on connecting the interactions between systems researchers and practitioners of the past and of today.

As a contribution to the society, this group aims to keep records of its interactions, and appropriately share this knowledge on the ISSS web site.  Each member of the group is free to further develop the knowledge he or she gains during the interactions, in the interests of further advancement of the systems movement.

1 See Debora Hammond, The Science of Synthesis: Exploring the Social Implications of General Systems Theory, University Press of Colorado, 2003