Conversations on an Emerging Science of Service Systems

Beginning in July 2009, some senior members of the ISSS are starting a series of conversations on an emerging science of service systems. The core group includes Kyoichi Jim Kijima, Gary Metcalf, Allenna Leonard and Jennifer Wilby, facilitated by David Ing.

Since the conversation has been designed as an emerging inquiring system, the shared knowledge will evolve with time. These web pages will periodically be updated with artifacts from the conversation.

Interested readers may be interested in following along in the Friendfeed Group on Service Science, Management, Engineering and Design that includes the Diigo Science of Service Systems Group Bookmarks.

Note: The prospectus dated July 4, 2009 is speculative, because the core group has not yet met to discuss the content.  That first meeting will happen on July 15, 2009 in Brisbane.