ISSS2009 Pre-Conference Workshop on Systems July 9-11, 2009 and July 12, 2009

Three workshops are planned before the ISSS2009 conference in July. For more detailed information click here.
1. Systems Thinking for Complex Problem Solving



Professor Kambiz Maani, Chair in Systems Thinking and Practice - School of Integrative Systems, University of Queensland, AUS

Professor John Bliss, Oregon State University, USA

Dr Carl Smith, School of Integrative Systems, UQ, AUS

Professor Ockie Bosch, Head, School of Integrative Systems, UQ, AUS


Collaborative Learning Centre

Room 219 Building 14 - St Lucia Campus, The University of Queensland

Workshop Brief

This workshop introduces Systems Thinking as an integrating paradigm and set of tools for complex problem solving in general, and natural resource management and sustainability in particular. The workshop integrates Systems Thinking theory and tools in the context of a real-life case. The selected case attempts to address policy, planning and organisational issues related to sustainable tourism in Cambodia using integrated and systemic frameworks. It is expected that key officials from Cambodia will participate as informants for this workshop.

Thus, over 2 days, workshop participants will be exposed to and engage in a real multi dimensional decision-making/problem-solving challenge. The case will be used as a learning platform throughout the workshop.

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