Systems Education Workshop, ISSS Brisbane July 15

 ISSS 2009 Brisbane

International Network for Systems Education


Wednesday 15 July 2009 13:30 to 5 pm (During ISSS 2009 conference in Brisbane)

At the last meeting of the ISSS in Madison a Chair of the International Committee for Systems Education was appointed (the under-signed). However, there is not yet an official committee. Our intention is to establish such a committee during ISSS 2009 in Brisbane, by creating a network that will represent systems educators around the world.

You are hereby invited to attend and participate in the Systems Education Workshop to be held on Wednesday 15 July 2009 during the conference.

Three short presentations on the a systems education matrix created during the 2008 Fuschl discussions (Professor Ockie Bosch), how systems education in Vietnam developed from “nothing to excitement” (Professor Hoang TRI) and Systems Education at The University of Queensland (Professor Kambiz Maani) will be followed by a facilitated session to

·       Establish a network (involving people/institutions who attend)

·       Define steps towards actively extending the network

·       Determine how the network will operate, e.g.

-      sharing of knowledge and tools?

-      sharing of course material?

-      availability of web-based e-courses?

-      summer Schools in different localities?

-      systems training in industry and communities (creating a demand where necessary)?

·       Enhance the ISSS website for improving communication and networking and to serve as a major mechanism for keeping the International Committee for Systems Education fully active and alive.

·       With the Systems Education Matrix as a basis, determine broad guidelines for curriculum development for instilling systems skills in different types of students (from helping reductionist scientists to contextualize their work in the bigger picture to systems integrators and pure systems scientists.  

 The participation of all people interested in systems education is essential to achieve the above. Your attendance will therefore be highly appreciated

Professor Ockie Bosch


School of Integrative Systems, The University of Queensland, Australia

ISSS and IFSR Chair of International Committee for Systems Education