Plenary Speakers


Subject to scheduling changes


Prof. Gerald Midgley - University of Hull, Hull, UK

Title: Learning across Boundaries: Exploring the Variety of Systemic Theory and Practice

Dr Derek Cabrera - Cabrera Research Lab

Title: In Search of Universality in Systems Thinking

Prof. Jan-Hendrik Hofmeyr - University of Stellenbosch, South Africa

Working Title: Systems Biology and Robert Rosen


Prof. George Richardson - University at Albany, State University of New York

Title: Models that Matter: System Dynamics Applications with Impact

Gary Smith, EADS Cassidian Systems

Title: Understanding Disease with Systems Thinking

Dr James Thomas - UNC School of Public Health

Title: Systems Applications in Global Health

Sue Gabriele, GEMS Learning

Title: The ISSS Roundtable: Its Underpinnings and Evolution


Janet Singer - Systems Praxis

Title: Rethinking Systems Engineering, in a context of systemic cooperative praxis

Gene Bellinger

Title: Systems Thinking World - Passionate Relentless Unfolding

Dr Anne Stephens - James Cook University, Cairns, Australia

Title:  After the Theroriszing:  Improving the Impact of our Work

Prof. Shankar Sankaran - University of Technology, Sydney, Australia, with Louis Klein, Mary Edson, Pam Buckle

Title: Panel on Systems Research


Prof. Peter Stratton

Title: The 50-year Evolution of Systemic Practice in Family Therapy

Prof. Peter Caws and Dr David Rousseau - Von Bertalanffy Lecture

Title: General Systems Theory - Past, Present and Potential

Profs. Ranulph Glanville, Ray Ison, Gerald Midgley

Title: Cybernetics Panel


Dr Yiannis Laouris - Future Worlds Centre, Cyprus

Title: Acting Beyond Borders: Made Possible through Systems Science Applications

Prof. Ray Ison - Open University, UK and Monash University, Australia

Title: Incoming President Presentation