The annual meeting is the major event where ISSS members -- new and old -- come to share ideas and discuss progress on research and projects.

Generally, the pattern of venues has been to alternate meeting locations, one year in the United States followed by another year abroad. This isn't a rule, just a pattern. Since not everyone can attend every meeting, these retrospectives may serve to fill in a few gaps between events.

These retrospectives are not professionally-developed works, but instead contributions by volunteers from the society.  If you find some of the content interesting, please contact the original speakers or participants in the meeting.

Meeting Retrospective Original conference plans
San Jose 2012 [San Jose 2012 retrospective
(work in process, audio complete)
[San Jose 2012 conference]
Hull 2011 [Hull 2011 retrospective
(work in process, materials being collected)
[Hull 2011 conference]
Waterloo 2010 (digital media in post-production) [Waterloo 2010 conference]
Brisbane 2009 (digital media in post-production) [Brisbane 2009 conference]
Madison 2008 [Madison 2008 retrospective] [Madison 2008 conference]
Tokyo 2007 [Tokyo 2007 retrospective] [Tokyo 2007 conference]
Sonoma 2006 [Sonoma 2006 retrospective] [Sonoma 2006 conference]
Cancun 2005 [Cancun 2005 retrospective] [Cancun 2005 conference]
Asilomar 2004 ... [Asilomar 2004 conference]
Crete 2003 [Crete 2003 retrospective] [Crete 2003 conference]
Shanghai 2002 [Shanghai 2002 retrospective] [Shanghai 2002 conference]
[Shanghai 2000 abstracts]
Asilomar 2001 ... [Asilomar 2001 conference]
Toronto 2000 [Toronto 2000 retrospective] [Toronto 2000 conference]
[Toronto 2000 papers table of contents (in PDF)]
Asilomar 1999 [Asilomar 1999 retrospective] [Asilomar 1999 conference]
Atlanta 1998 [Atlanta 1998 retrospective] [Atlanta 1998 conference]

The newest audio and video content is now was available at". Part of that content is syndicated on a Youtube channel at and was on iTunes at Older content is was gradually being migrated over to, so you might want to have been able to subscribe to the feeds at and for updates.

The ISSS web site was re-architected after the Sonoma 2006 meeting, and after the Asilomar 2004 meeting.  Please excuse the mismatches of style in formatting across the years.