SIGs and Exploratory Groups -- Parallel Streams

Scholars are encouraged to contribute abstracts, working papers and posters to the ISSS annual meeting as a way of enriching their interactions with other meeting attendees. Early-stage work that provokes thinking and conversation can provide fruitful feedback to its orginator. Proceedings of the meeting are published, with the ISSS as a licensee under a Creative Commons license, so that the original author can continue to evolve his or her work for final publication in peer-reviewed publications.

Since in-depth discussions are generally better in smaller groups, much of the ISSS meeting -- typically afternoons -- are organized into parallel streams. These parallel streams may be sponsored by a Special Integration Group (SIG) that continues a pattern of meeting year after year, or an Exploratory Group that may be organized for a special session.

Upon submitting an abstract and/or paper to the ISSS, the author will be asked to self-classify the work into one of the streams. The review process, consultations with the SIG chair and scheduling conflicts may result in a paper being placed in a stream other than that originally requested. Since the spirit of the meeting is in integration rather than interest, variances such as these could be seen more as destiny or serendipity.

Authors with questions about streaming can consult either the SIG description or the SIG chair.

Special Integration Groups

Special Integration Groups represent the longest-running knowledge communities within the ISSS, with histories running over years or decades.

SIGs SIG Chair(s) Contact
Agent-based Social Simulation Shingo Takahashi
Balancing Individualism and Collectivism Janet McIntyre
Critical Systems Theory and Practice Todd Bowers
Designing Educational Systems Ockie Bosch
Evolutionary Development Alexander Laszlo & Judith Rosen
Health and Systems Thinking Thomas Wong
Hierarchy Theory Jennifer Wilby
Human Systems Inquiry Shankar Sankaran
Information Systems Design and Information Technology Bela A Banathy
Reflection Roundtable Sue Gabriele
Living Systems Science Jim Simms
Organisational Transformation and Social Change Maurice Yolles
Research Towards General Theories of Systems Vince Vesterby
Socio-Ecological Systems Vince Lopes
Spirituality and Systems Carl Swanson
SIG for Students Anne Stephens
Systemic Approaches to Conflict and Crises Dennis Finlayson and Jae Yu
Systemic Approaches to Persistent Poverty and Disadvantage Yiheyis Maru and Ockie Bosch
Systems Applications in Business and Industry Louis Klein
Systems Biology and Evolution Len Troncale
Systems and Mental Health Tamar Zohar Harel and
Pamela Buckle Henning
Systems Modeling and Simulation Janet Singer
Systems Pathology Len Troncale
Relational Science John Kineman

Exploratory Groups

Exploratory Groups are typically convened at an annual meeting. They may come together only once or twice and then disband, or they may self-organize for formal recognition as a Special Integration Group. A SIG chair has voting authority as a member of the ISSS Council, whereas Exploratory Groups are not represented in Council.

Service Systems Science Jim Kijima
Systems Engineering Janet Singer
Foundations of Information Systems

Soren Brier and Bela Banathy
Monetary Systems Debora Hammond