Special Integration Groups

ISSS Special Integration Groups

A Special Integration Group is not a Special Interest Group. See Special Integration Groups Purpose.

Special Integration Groups may jointly focus on common interests (at a distance) over the year, and/or join in formal discussion at the annual meeting.

Groups congregating in designated sessions at an annual meeting may be placed into one of two categories:

  • SIGs represented in Council, that have been ratified by the Board of Directors, and have scheduled at least one paper session within the past two annual meetings; and
  • Coordinated sessions, that share in an Annual Meeting, but may have organizational affilations independently of the ISSS.

For more information on SIGs, consult the ISSS Bylaws, section 4.10.

SIGs represented in Council

Please contact the following SIG chairs for further information and any questions you may have about their work or submitting a paper in the annual meeting.


SIGs SIG Chair(s) Contact
Action Research Roelien Goode roelien.goede@nwu.ac.za
Balancing Individualism and Collectivism Janet McIntyre janet.mcintyre@flinders.edu.au
Critical Systems Theory and Practice Victor MacGill enquiryisss@gmail.com and victor@vmacgill.net
Designing Educational Systems Peter Tuddenham peter@coexploration.net
Digital Product-Service Systems Anand Kumar anand.ar@tcs.com
Health and Systems Thinking Thomas Wong ISSS@EC-Balance.org
Hierarchy Theory Billy Dawson billyd11@aol.com
Human Systems Inquiry Daryl Kulak daryl.kulak@gmail.com
ISSS Roundtable Sue Gabriele sgabriele@gemslearning.com
Leadership and Systemic Innovation (LaSI) Alexander Laszlo


Living Systems Science Dennis Finlayson dennisfinlayson56@yahoo.com
Organisational Transformation and Social Change Louis Klein louis.klein@segroup.de
Relational Science John Kineman john.kineman@colorado.edu
Research Towards General Theories of Systems David Rousseau david.rousseau@systemsphilosophy.org
Science, Spirituality and Systems Science Delia Macnamara deliamacnamara@gmail.com
Socio-Ecological Systems Stefan Blachfellner  stefan.blachfellner@bcsss.org 
Students SIG Amber Elkins elkins@tamhsc.edu
Systemic Ethics John Vodonick jvodonick@gmail.com
Systems Applications in Business and Industry Andreas Hieronymi andreas.hieronymi@unisg.ch 
Systems Biology and Evolution Len Troncale lrtroncale@cpp.edu
Systems and Mental Health Pamela Buckle Henning buckle@adelphi.edu
Systems Modelling and Systems Engineering Javier Calvo-Amodio Javier.Calvo@oregonstate.edu 
Systems Pathology Len Troncale lrtroncale@cpp.edu
Systems Philosophy David Rousseau david.rousseau@systemsphilosophy.org

Exploratory Groups

Exploratory Groups are typically convened at an annual meeting. They may come together only once or twice and then disband, or they may self-organize for later formal recognition as a Special Integration Group. A SIG chair has voting authority as a member of the ISSS Council, whereas Exploratory Groups are not represented in Council.

Business Systems Laboratory John Vodonick jvodonick@gmail.com
Systemic Consulting Louis Klein louis.klein@segroup.de
Systemic Project Management Louis Klein louis.klein@segroup.de